Undergraduate Research and Thesis

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates interested in research should contact potential faculty advisors for opportunities.  Students may earn up to four credits for research that can be counted toward electives in the major.  Credit may be earned by registering for any of the following: Research (ERTH 401), Field Studies (ERTH 406), Laboratory Projects (ERTH 408), and submitting a final written report to the faculty advisor describing the results of the research. Successful completion of the research for elective credit is indicated by a passing grade in one or more the courses listed above.  Students who complete an honors thesis may not apply this option toward elective credits.

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Senior Thesis

Students may choose to undertake a senior thesis research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.  The scope, content, and style of the thesis is determined in consultation with the advisor and typically resembles an extra-long term paper containing original data and scientific conclusions.  This is similar, but less formal than the “Honors Thesis” described below and does not require a minimum GPA or a formal thesis committee.  Students may register for ERTH 401 Research units and must register for at least one credit of Geol 403 Thesis; up to four 401 and 403 credits may be counted toward electives in the major.  Successful completion of the thesis is indicated by a passing grade in ERTH 403.  A .pdf of the final and approved honors thesis may be submitted to the Earth Science department’s undergraduate coordinator for archiving.