Earth Science Careers

Earth Science Careers

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences are qualified for employment in a wide range of careers, including resource management, geotechnical and environmental consulting, urban and rural planning, petroleum and mining industries, state and federal agencies such as the USGS, USFS, NOAA, EPA, and DEQ, teaching in K-12 schools (with additional teaching certificate), and as laboratory technicians, professional geologists, geophysicists, or geochemists. The current climate is very good for employment in the earth sciences (see links below). A degree in Earth or Environmental Science equips students with skills in critical thinking and problem solving, quantitative analysis, oral and written communication, team work, and collaboration, all of which area highly valued in today’s geoscience job market. Below we provide links to some useful geoscience career websites.

According to USA Today (June 2019) graduates from Geoscience majors “among the least likely to be unemployed and some of the best-paid college graduates.”

For suggestions on how to get the most out of your education and launch your career, see the American Geosciences Institute’s “Career Compass” website and browse the latest job postings on AGI's Geoscience Job Center. You can also explore the stories of past graduates from our department and the paths they took with their degree in Earth Sciences. 

And take a look at these articles about the role that geoscientists play in society today:

Additional career resources

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Information on Career Opportunities
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Employment Pages for U.S. Government Agencies
US Geological Survey
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