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Why major in Earth Sciences?

The discipline of Earth Sciences aims to understand the physical world around us and the evolution of the planet where we live. Mountains, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the evolution of life are topics that fall under the umbrella of Earth Sciences. Earth science majors gain several important skills. They gain an appreciation for the inner workings of our planet. They develop the ability to unravel complex problems, often with incomplete or sub-optimal information. And they are exposed to interdisciplinary science that impacts society.

Earth Sciences offers something for everyone. There are a range of custom major tracks that emphasize different disciplines.


If you like to explore the outdoors and get your hands dirty in the field…
… consider the Geology Track.

If you like to search for fossils and other treasures…
… consider the Paleontology track.

If you like to study the interface of society and the surface environment…
… consider the Environmental Geoscience Track.

If you like a little more mathematical rigor and are curious about the deep earth…
… consider the Geophysics Track.


Other benefits of being a major in Earth Sciences include:

  • Many classes have field trips to view geologic formations first hand.
  • Major-required classes are typically small and students get to know their instructors personally.
  • High paying jobs in the energy & natural resource fields are readily available for recent graduates.


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