Posted: 10/19/2022
Learn more in this AroundtheO article here.  
Posted: 10/18/2022
Posted: 09/23/2022
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indiana shales, Marli Miller photography
Posted: 08/01/2022
University of Oregon PhD graduate Juergen Schieber has just won the prestigious Sorby Medal 
Cascade Hall courtyard. Photo: Oregon Digital.
Posted: 07/15/2022
Welcome to our newest cohort of graduate students!  Read on to get to know them a bit better.
USGS Kilauea image
Posted: 06/29/2022
Seismic signals from Hawaii’s Kilauea help unravel magma temperature and composition
Posted: 02/10/2022
Wildfires are increasing the risk of dangerous landslides, according to research by our own Josh Roering.Find out more in the AroundtheO article here.
exploded view, nimravid skeleton
Posted: 12/13/2021
Read more about our own Earth Sciences' PhD candidate, Paul Barrett's find in the AroundtheO article here
Posted: 11/23/2021
Learn more about Meredith Townsend's AroundtheO-featured research project here.
techincal graphic
Posted: 11/12/2021
Those who live in the Pacific Northwest are no strangers to earthquakes. But the potential for tsunamis along the Oregon coast, although rare, can endanger entire communities. Local tsunami warning systems capable of alerting threatened coastlines often provide only very short warning. That’s why...


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