Posted: 04/26/2023
UO researchers, students catalog massive fossil collection!
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Posted: 03/16/2023
Our department scientists in a NPR report about landslides in Sitka, Alaska. 
Posted: 10/19/2022
Learn more in this AroundtheO article here.  
Posted: 10/18/2022
Abert Rim
Posted: 09/23/2022
Titles will be updated as they are announced.  To be sent seminar notices, please email
indiana shales, Marli Miller photography
Posted: 08/01/2022
University of Oregon PhD graduate Juergen Schieber has just won the prestigious Sorby Medal 
USGS Kilauea image
Posted: 06/29/2022
Seismic signals from Hawaii’s Kilauea help unravel magma temperature and composition
Posted: 02/10/2022
Wildfires are increasing the risk of dangerous landslides, according to research by our own Josh Roering.Find out more in the AroundtheO article here.
exploded view, nimravid skeleton
Posted: 12/13/2021
Read more about our own Earth Sciences' PhD candidate, Paul Barrett's find in the AroundtheO article here


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