Fall 2023 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Titles will be updated as they are announced.  To be sent seminar notices, please email Marla.

Talks are on Thursdays from Noon to 1:20 pm in 115 Lawrence Hall. 

October 5: Earth Sciences Faculty, University of Oregon
Title: Not-quite lightning talks - department folks update us on their current musings

October 12: Noah Randolph-Flagg, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
Title: Life and death by hydrothermal system: phosphate on ocean moons and ignimbrite remobilization at Mt. Pinatubo

October 19: Jonas Preine, University of Hamburg
Title: From catastrophic caldera collapse to the emergence of a new volcano: recent lessons learned from Santorini

October 26: Ken Sims, University of Wyoming
Title: A Tale of Two Pools: The dynamic impacts of reactive transport, phase separation and shallow mixing on the geochemistry and microbiology of a coupled Yellowstone hydrothermal system

November 2: John Christian, University of Oregon Geography
Title: The pace of glacier retreat: model experiments on the role of ice dynamics, climate forcing, and topography

November 9: Mike Malaska, JPL/Caltech
Title: Organic World Titan

November 16: Missy Eppes, UNC Charlotte
Title: What Doesn't Break Rock Makes it Tougher: Rethinking the Time Dependency of Cracking Rates

November 23: No Seminar, Thanksgiving holiday

November 30:  Prosenjit Ghosh, Indian Institute of Science
Title: Clumped isotopes in Foraminiferal carbonates revealed a shift in the warming pattern of the Indian Ocean during the Miocene