Meaghan Emery

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Ph.D. candidate studying the diversity, evolution and ecology of the extinct superfamily Merycoidodontoidea. 


Advisor: Edward Davis


Emery, M., Davis, E., and Hopkins, S. 2015. Systematic assessment of the agriochoerid oreodont from the Hancock Mammal Quarry, Clarno (Eocene: Duchesnean), Oregon. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (Accepted).

Awards and Funding

2015               Doris O. and Samuel P. Welles Research Fund, University of California Museum of Paleontology                       

                        Thomas Condon Fellowship, University of Oregon                       

                        Outstanding Editorial Achievement, American Federation of Teachers                       

                        Outstanding Student Employee, University of Oregon

2014               Field Museum of Natural History Research Grant; FMNH Chicago                       

Ernst Mayr Travel Fellowship; Harvard University

Geocorps Travel Grant, Geological Society of America

Student Travel Award, Geological Society of America

Thomas Condon Fellowship, University of Oregon

2013               Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund Award; American Museum of Natural History

Smith Scholarship; University of Oregon

People’s Choice Award, Three Minute Thesis Competition; University of Oregon

Best Poster Award, Graduate Student Research Forum, University of Oregon