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Katharine Cashman

Katharine Cashman profile picture
  • Title: Professor
  • Phone: (541) 346-4323
  • Office: 100 Cascade Hall
  • Interests: volcanology, igneous petrology, crystallization kinetics
  • Website: Website


B.A., 1976, Middlebury; M.S., 1979, Victoria, New Zealand; Ph.D., 1987, Johns Hopkins.


Hannah Dietterich
Katie Marks

Former Students
Natalia Deligne
Nicholas Deardorff
Daniele Mckay
Isolde Belien


PhD Students

MS Students

James Schick
James Rogers
Melissa Katz
Renee Bourgeois
Martha Folley
Sarah Hoover
Carrie Brugger
Kate Wearn
Jenny Riker
Emily Gottesfeld
Beth Erlund


Slade White
Brian Olmsted
Siobhan McConnell
Ben Andrews
Jenny Riker
Nicole Myers
Trevor Atkins


(volcanology, igneous petrology, crystallization kinetics) Geological Sciences faculty member since 1991.

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