Allan Lerner

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  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate
  • Office: 224 Cascade Hall
  • Affiliated Departments: Earth Sciences
  • Interests: Physical Volcanology and Volcanic Hazards; Geochemistry; Magmatic Degassing and the role of Volatiles in Explosive Volcanism
  • Curriculum Vitae


Allan Lerner was born and raised in Queens, New York. He obtained his BA in geology from Amherst College, MA, studying a pumice fall in the Aleutian Islands as his senior thesis. He spent time as a research assistant at Los Alamos National Laboratory, followed by interning at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, and at the University of Colima, Mexico. Allan came to the University of Oregon after completing his Masters Degree at Oregon State University, where he investigated the petrologic utility of zircon-hosted melt inclusions from the ridiculously large Youngest Toba Tuff (Sumatra, Indonesia) eruption.

Allan is excited to be part of the Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (VGP) group at UO, working with Dr. Paul Wallace and colleagues at the USGS Volcano Observatories to pursue his fondness for petrology and volcanic gases.


Physical Volcanology and Volcanic Hazards; Geochemistry; Magmatic Degassing and Monitoring; the role of Volatiles in Explosive Volcanism

Current projects include:

Studying sulfur degassing at Mount St. Helens (WA) and Augustine Volcano (AK) during the 1980s and 2000s eruptive episodes.

Linking petrology with magmatic degassing during the recent 2018 Kilauea (HI) Lower East Rift Zone eruption.

Exploring the occurrence of offset magma reservoirs worldwide.

Photos from the Field


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2013-2015   MSc, Oregon State University, OR.  Research adviser: Dr. Adam Kent        

  • “ Tracking Volatile Evolution in Magma Chambers using Zircon-Hosted Melt Inclusions: A Case Study of the 74 ka Youngest Toba Tuff, Sumatra “

2013   Volcanology Intern, Centro de Intercambio y Investigación en Vulcanología, Universidad de Colima, Mexico   

2012-13   Gas Geochemistry Intern, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, HI

2011-12   Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

2010   B.A. Geology, Amherst College, MA.  Research adviser: Dr. Peter Crowley

  • " The Eruption Dynamics of the 8.5 ka Driftwood Pumice-fall, Makushin Volcano, Alaska "


Teaching Assistantships at University of Oregon:

  • Introductory Petrology (Dr. Paul Wallace, 2019)
  • Mineralogy (Prof. Dave Blackwell, 2018)

Teaching Assistantships while at Oregon State University:

  • Volcanology (Dr. Anita Grunder, 2015)
  • Global Change and Earth Science (Dr. Peter Clark, 2015)
  • Environmental Justice (Dr. Stephen Lancaster, 2015)
  • Environmental Geology (Dr. Kaplan Yalcin, 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant for Physical Geology for Science Majors (Dr. Kaplan Yalcin, 2014)
  • Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (Dr. Matthew Nyman, 2014)