Postdoctoral Scholars

Eric Breard

Eric Breard profile picture
  • Title: Dr.
  • Office: 206 Volcanology
  • Interests: Fluid mechanics, Granular physics, Rheology, Numerical modelling, geophysical multiphase flows (pyroclastic density currents, debris flows), plume, fluidized beds, volcanic hazards
  • Website: Website

Oluwaseun Fadugba

Oluwaseun Fadugba profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Affiliated Departments: Earth Sciences
  • Interests: Seismology, Geophysics, Geodynamics

Molly Keogh

Molly Keogh profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Interests: Wetland geology, coastal geomorphology, sedimentology, community outreach and education

Erin Fitch

Erin Fitch profile picture
  • Title: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Office: Cascade Hall 100
  • Interests: Volcanology, Numerical Modeling, Hydrovolcanism

Elena Ghezzo

Elena Ghezzo profile picture
  • Title: PhD
  • Additional Title: Msc
  • Phone: +1 (541) 514-9818
  • Office: Cascade Annex 149
  • Office Hours: 10am-6pm
  • Interests: Vertebrate Paleontology, Pleistocene fauna, GIS and Remote Sensing, data analysis
  • Website: Website

Annette Patton

Annette Patton profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Office: 325B Cascade Hall
  • Interests: Hillslope Processes, Landslides, Hazards

Jeremy Trombley

Jeremy Trombley profile picture
  • Title: Dr.
  • Interests: Environmental anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, Watersheds, Glaciers
  • Website: Website

Leighton Watson

Leighton Watson profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Interests: Volcanology, infrasound, geophysics, pyroclastic density currents, snow avalanches
  • Website: Website