Winter 2021 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Winter 2021 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our seminar is only online.  We will be using Zoom, and invitations will be sent via email.  If you do not yet receive email reminders about our Seminars, please email Marla to be added to our invitation list.  Titles will be updated as they are announced.

Talks are on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:20 pm. 

January 6: Shaun Marcott, University of Wisconsin
Title: The Timing of Cirque Glaciation in Western North America

January 13: Roland Bürgmann, UC Berkeley
Title: Seasonal water storage and modulation of earthquakes

January 20: Laura Wallace, GNS New Zealand
Title: Relationships between slow slip, megathrust locking, seismicity, and structure at the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand

January 27: Rehearsals for Life, University of Oregon
Title: Interrupting Oppression in Everyday Situations Workshop

February 3: Phil Cummins, Geoscience Australia
Title: Earthquakes and tsunamis in the Banda Sea, Indonesia – 29 July 2020

February 10: Kristina Walowski, Middlebury and UO Meierjurgen Fellow
Title: Mafic cinder cone magmas: Windows into the arc crust, the mantle, and beyond

February 24: Rich Briggs, USGS
Title: Coastal paleoseismology and great subduction earthquakes

March 3: Molly Keogh,  University of Oregon
Title: Sediment vs. sea-level rise: The ups and downs of coastal wetlands

March 10: Lisa White, UC Berkeley
Title: Reaching diverse audiences in geoscience through fossil collections, virtual fieldwork experiences, and interactive web resources