Spring 2021 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Spring 2021 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our seminar is only online.  We will be using Zoom, and invitations will be sent via email.  If you do not yet receive email reminders about our Seminars, please email Marla to be added to our invitation list.  Titles will be updated as they are announced.

Talks are on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:20 pm. 

March 31: Gene Humphreys, University of Oregon
Title: A plume-triggered origin for the Columbia River flood basalts (and the Wallowa Mountains)

April 7: Silvia Vallejo, Instituto Geofisico, Ecuador
Title: A multitemporal analysis of thermal imaging in Ecuadorian volcanoes, the case of El Reventador volcano

April 14: Anti-racism working group presentation

April 21: Kayla Iacovino, Jacobs, NASA Johnson Space Center
Title: VESIcal: An open-source thermodynamic model engine for mixed volatile (H2O-CO2) solubility in silicate melts

April 28: Jenny McGuire, Georgia Tech
Title: Paleo-dynamics: exploring how plants and animals will respond to climate change

May 5: Dimila Mothe, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Title: The South American proboscidean, Notiomastodon platensis, as a “model organism” for paleobiological studies

May 12:

May 19: Anna Barth, Columbia University
Title: Volatiles and ascent rates of explosive basaltic volcanism

May 26: Steve Davis, formerly of Exxon
Title: Mitigating Climate Change With Carbon Capture and Geological Sequestration

June 2: Frank Sousa, Oregon State University
Title: New thermochronology and paleomagnetic data from the Oregon Coast Range