Fall 2020 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Department seminar talks are on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5:20pm. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our seminar is only online.  We will be using Zoom, and invitations will be sent via email.  If you do not yet receive email reminders about our Seminars, please email Marla (contact info here) to be added to our invitation list.  Titles will be updated as they are announced.


September 30: ERTH Department reception – no seminar

October 7: Xie Hu, University of Houston
Title: Quantifying landslide dynamics from ground, air and space

October 14: Marjorie Chan, University of Utah
Title: Red Rocks from Earth to Mars

October 21: Woody Fischer, Caltech
Title: The evolution of photosynthesis and the rise of oxygen

October 28: Juliana Troch, Smithsonian
Title: Pegmatites: Linking volcanic, plutonic and hydrothermal realms in silicic magma reservoirs

November 4: Erick Burns, USGS
Title: Quantifying the underground thermal energy storage resources of
the United States

November 11: John Eichelberger, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Title: Drilling to Magma

November 18: Jessica Creveling, Oregon State University
Title: Revisiting earliest Cambrian skeletal animal first appearance ages with a d13Ccarb alignment algorithm


December 4: