Spring 2023 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Titles will be updated as they are submitted.  To be sent announcements, please email Marla.

Talks are on Thursdays from Noon to 1:20 pm in 141 Allen Hall. 

April 13: Cailey Condit, University of Washington
Title: The metamorphic environment of deep slow slip: Constraints from exhumed rocks and thermodynamic models

April 20: Casey Saenger, Western Washington University
Title: A blueprint for reconstructing North Pacific marine heatwaves from individual foraminifera

April 27: Terry Plank, Lamont
Title: Magma Stalling and Launching Depths beneath Active Volcanoes

May 4  Paul Segall, Stanford
Title: Hindcasting Caldera Collapse Earthquakes at Kīlauea Volcano in 2018: Humans vs AI

May 11: Samer Naif, Georgia Tech
Title: How fluids influence earthquake behavior at subduction zones: new insights from electromagnetic imaging

May 18: Kristen Fauria, Vanderbilt and UO Meierjurgen
Title: Mixing water with volcanic plumes: The making of double umbrellas and phytoplankton blooms

May 25: Emily Cahoon, Oregon State University
Title: Flood Basalt Provinces: Nontraditional Insights into Magma Plumbing Systems

June 1: Eric Slesserav, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Title: Chemical weathering rates as a regulator of soil organic carbon storage: a continental-scale perspective

June 8: Grace Barcheck, Cornell
Title: Seismic evidence of a spatially variable basal response to spring melt onset, Greenland Ice Sheet