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Honors and Research

Honors in Earth Sciences

Application for graduation with honors in geological sciences must be made no later than spring term of the student’s junior year. To be eligible for graduation with honors, a student must

1. Maintain either a 3.50 grade point average (GPA) or better in Earth Sciences courses or a 3.00 GPA or better in all science courses

2. Submit and orally present an acceptable honors thesis written under the supervision of a department faculty member and evaluated by a committee consisting of three faculty members including the supervisor. The thesis should be presented no later than three weeks before final examinations during the term the student plans to graduate

Honors students should register for 3 credits of Research: Thesis (GEOL 401) the term before they intend to graduate, and for 3 credits of Thesis (GEOL 403) the term of graduation. These 6 credits may be applied toward the option electives.

Undergraduate Research

Up to 4 credits of research can be counted toward electives in any of the tracks. To receive such credit, students must (1) submit a short letter, written by the faculty research adviser and addressed to the head undergraduate adviser in geological sciences, stating the nature of the research and asserting that there is faculty supervision; and (2) submit a final written report to the faculty adviser describing the results of the research. Students may earn credit in this category by registering for any of the following: Research (GEOL 401), Field Studies (GEOL 406), Laboratory Projects (GEOL 408). Students who complete an honors thesis may not apply this option toward elective credits.

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