Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses are ordered by the author's last name, followed by the degree type conferred, year, title, and the faculty advisor's name in parentheses. Titles followed by a * indicate that the thesis or dissertation is missing from our shelves. 



ACOSTA, Marisa, Ph.D. 2020.  Titanium in quartz during growth and deformation under hydrothermal-magmatic conditions  (Reed)
ADAMS, David C., Ph.D. 2009.  Effects of noise on teleseismic T* estimation and attenuation tomography of the Yellowstone region  (Humphreys)
AHMAD, Raisuddin, M.S. 1981.  Stratigraphy, structure, and petrology of the Lookingglass and Roseburg Formations, Agness‑Illahe Area, southwestern Oregon  (Boggs)
ALBA, Sequoia, M.S. 2011.  ETS in Tidal Records  (Weldon)
ALEMI, Mohammad, M.S. 1978.  A gravity survey of Coos Bay, Oregon  (Kays)
ALLEN, Charlotte Mary, M.S. 1981.  Intrusive Relations and Petrography of the Slinkard Pluton, Central Klamath Mountains, California  (Kays)
ALLEN, John E., M.A. 1932.  Contributions to the structure, stratigraphy and petrography of the Lower Columbia River Gorge  (Hodge)
AMBERS, Rebecca K. R., Ph.D. 2000.  Sedimentation, mercury contamination, and clay mineralogy of the Dorena Lake watershed, Western Oregon  (Dorsey)
ANDERSON, Robert W., M.S. 1963.  Geology of the northwest quarter of the Brownsville Quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
APPLING, Richard N., M.S. 1950.  Economic geology of the Brattain Mining Area, Paisley, Oregon  (Staples)
ARANDA‑GOMEZ, Jose Jorge, Ph.D. 1982.  Ultramafic and high grade metamorphic xenoliths from Central Mexico  (Rice)
ARARAGI, Kohtaro, M.S. 2012.  Spatial Distribution of Shallow Crustal Anisotropy from Shear Wave Splitting Measurements at the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge  (Humphreys)
ARMENTROUT, John M., M.S. 1967.  The Tarheel and Empire Formations; geology and paleontology of the type sections, Coos Bay, Oregon  (Baldwin) *
ARNOUX, Gillean, Ph.D. 2019.  Novel Insights into Mass and Energy Transfer and Mid-Ocean Ridges from Seismic Imaging of the East Pacific Rise and Juan de Fuca Ridge (Toomey)
ASHWILL, Walter R., M.S. 1951.  The geology of the Winberry Creek area, Lane County, Oregon  (Staples)
ASTER, Ellen, M.S. 2015.  Reconstructing CO2 Concentrations in Basaltic Melt Inclusions from Mafic Cinder Cones Using Raman Analysis of Vapor Bubbles  (Wallace)
AUER, Sara Lynn, M.S. 2007.  Diverse Oxygen Isotope Values and High Magmatic Water Contents within the Volcanic Record of Klyuchevskoy Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia  (Wallace)
AUSTIN, Lauren, M.S. 2013.  Evolution of Regional Stress State Based on Faulting and Folding Near the Pit River, Shasta County, California  (Weldon)
AVRAMENKO, Walter, M.S. 1981.  Volcanism and structure in the vicinity of Echo Mountain, Central Oregon Cascade Range  (Baker)


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BABB, Alexander, M.S. 2018.  Tidal Sensitivity of Low-Frequency Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault – Analysis of a Declustered Catalog  (Thomas)
BACK, Judith Mae, M.S. 1982.  Petrologic characteristics of igneous rocks in the Van Horn Peak Caldron Complex, Salmon River Mountains, Central Idaho  (Baker)
BAILEY, Lee E., M.S. 1980.  Geology of Scott Summit, Klamath Mountains, Northern California  (Kays)
BAITIS, Hartmut W., Ph.D. 1976.  Geology, petrography and petrology of Pinzon and Santiago Islands, Galapagos Archipelago  (McBirney)
BAKER, Evan, M.S. 2015.  Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation in laboratory-precipitated, inorganic Calcite  (Watkins)
BALES, William E., M.S. 1951.  Geology of the lower Brice Creek area, Lane County, Oregon  (Staples)
BALL, Madison, M.S. 2017.  Timing Vapor–Melt Equilibration in Silicic Magmas (Watkins)
BARCLAY, Andrew, Ph.D. 1998.  Seismicity and structure of the mid-Atlantic ridge, 35 degrees north  (Toomey)
BARKELEY, Susan J., M.S. 1981.  Early to Middle Pennsylvanian conodonts from the Klawak Formation and Ladrones limestone, S. E. Alaska  (Savage)
BARLOW, James L., M.S. 1955.  Geology of the central third of the Lyon’s Quadrangle, Oregon  (Hall) *
BARNES, Calvin G., M.S. 1978.  The geology of the Mount Bailey area, Oregon (McBirney)
BARNES, Calvin G., Ph.D. 1982.  Geology and petrology of the Wooley Creek Batholith, Klamath Mountains, Northern California  (Kays)
BARNES, Farrell F., and John W. Butler Jr., M.A. 1930.  The structure and stratigraphy of the Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Mountains in the vicinity of Mount Hood  (Hodge)
BARNES, Melanie A.W., M.S. 1981.  The geology of Cascade Head, an Eocene volcanic center in the central Oregon coast range  (Goles) *
BARRETT, Paul, Ph.D. 2022. The Evolutionary History of the Feliformia: Contingency, Constraint, Disparity  (Hopkins)
BARRY, G. Robert, M.S. 1989.  The origin and evolution of the Santa Clara and Pinacate Volcanic Series, Pinacate Volcanic Field, Sonora, Mexico  (Johnston)
BATEMAN, Richard L., M.S. 1961.  The geology of the south‑central part of the Sawtooth Creek quadrangle, Oregon  (Lund)
BAXTER, Mary, Ph.D. 1999.  A revised classification for certain genera of the families Uncinulidae, Hebetoechiidae, Obturamentellidae, Glossinotoechiidae, Hypothyridinidae and Hadrorhynchiidae, of the superfamily Uncinuloidea, order Rhynchonellida, phylum Brachiopoda  (Savage)
BEACHLY, Matthew William, M.S. 2011.  The upper crustal p-wave velocity structure of Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon  (Hooft)
BEEBEE, Robin Alethea, Ph.D 2003.  Snowmelt Hydrology, Paleohydrology, and Landslide Dams in the Deschutes River Basin, Oregon  (Dorsey)
BEESON, John H., M.S. 1955.  The geology of the southern half of the Huntington quadrangle, Oregon  (Bressler)
BEESON, Marvin H., M.S. 1962.  The geology of the north-central part of the Sawtooth Creek Quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
BEESON, Melvin H., M.S. 1963.  Geology of part of the Lostine Valley, Wallowa County, Oregon  (Staples)
BELIEN, Isolde Leo Maria, Ph.D. 2011.  Gas migration through crystal-rich mafic volcanic systems and application to Stromboli Volcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy  (Cashman)
BELLINO, Jonathan, M.S. 2000.  Electromagnetic study of an active landfill, Goshen, Oregon  (Waff)
BEMIS, Sean Patrick, Ph.D. 2010.  Moletrack scarps to mountains: Quaternary tectonics of the Central Alaska Range  (Weldon)
BERGENHAM, Kenneth D., M.S. 1997. Characterization of Volcanic Glass from Three Maars in Central Oregon  (Goles)
BERRY, Norman J., M.S. 1956.  The geology of the Northeast quarter of the Huntington quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
BESTLAND, Erick A., M.S. 1985.  Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Oligocene Colestin Formation, Siskiyou Pass Area, Southern Oregon  (Boggs)
BESTLAND, Erick A., Ph.D. 1990.  Miocene volcaniclastic deposits and paleosols of Rusinga Island, Kenya  (Retallack)
BEYER, Robert L., Ph.D. (Chemistry) 1973.  Magma differentiation at Newberry Crater in Central Oregon  (Goles) *
BEZZERIDES, Theodore L., M.S. 1967.  Triassic stratigraphy and geology of the O’Neil Pass Area, Elko County, Nevada  (Baldwin)
BIASI, Glenn Paul, Ph.D. 1994.  Aspects of continental faulting: Paleoseismic earthquake studies and mantle influences on fault localization  (Humphreys)
BISHOP, Kaylynn Marie, M.S. 1991.  The origin of the Skagit gneiss migmatites (Johnston)
BODMER, Miles, Ph.D.  2019.  Seismic Imaging of The Cascadia Subduction Zone and Juan De Fuca Plate System Mantle Structure: A Bottom Up Approach to Subduction Dynamics   (Toomey)
BOGUE, Richard G., M.S. 1932.  A petrographic study of the Mount Hood and Columbia River basalt formations  (Hodge)
BOLEY, Janet Lynn, M.S. 1993.  Block rotation and magnetostratigraphy along the southern San Andreas fault zone, California  (Weldon)
BOOTH, Adam Michael, Ph.D. 2012.  The Role of Deep-Seated Landslides in Landscape Evolution: Quantitative Modeling and High-Resolution Topographic Analysis  (Roering)
BORN, Stephen M., M.S. 1963.  The geology of the southeastern third of the Powers Quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
BOUDREAU, Alan, M.S. 1982.  Fine scale layering in the Stillwater Complex, Montana  (McBirney)
BOURGEOIS, Renee Lise, M.S. 1998.  Physical characteristics of proximal Cleetwood Airfall deposits, Crater Lake, Oregon: The transition from explosive to effusive eruption  (Cashman)
BOW, Craig S., Ph.D. 1979.  The geology and petrogeneses of the lavas of Floreana and Santa Cruz Islands: Galapagos Archipelago  (McBirney)
BOWEN, Richard G., M.S. 1956.  The geology of the Beulah area, Malheur County, Oregon  (Staples)
BOWMAN, Anthony F., M.S. 1975.  An investigation of Al2SiO5 phase equilibrium utilizing the scanning electron microscope  (Weill)
BRADSHAW, Herbert E., M.S. 1964.  Geology of the Palmer volcanics, Washington  (Baldwin)
BRANDON, Alan D., M.S. 1987.  Geochemical features of the Bear Creek Lavas, Deschutes and Crook Counties, Oregon  (Goles)
BRAY, Richard A., M.S. 1958.  Petrography and petrology of the Oligocene intrusives of western Lane County, Oregon  (Lund)
BRIKOWSKI, Tom H., M.S. 1983.  Geology and petrology of Gearhart Mountain: a study of calc‑alkaline volcanism east of the Cascades in Oregon  (Baker)
BRISTOW, Milton M., M.S. 1959.  The geology of the northwestern third of the Marcola quadrangle, Oregon  (Staples)
BROWN, Bruce A., M.S. 1971.  Geology of the Hanis Lake‑Cochrane River area, Saskatchewan, Manitoba  (Kays)
BROWN, Robert D., M.S. 1951. The geology of the McMinville quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
BROWNFIELD Michael E., M.S. 1972.  Geology of Floras Creek drainage, Langlois quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
BROZ, Adrian, Ph.D. 2022.  Ancient soils of Earth and Mars  (Roering/Silva)
BRUEMMER, Jerry L., M.A. 1964.  Gravity models for peridotite injection and local metamorphism along north‑northeast trending zones of tectonism, southwest Oregon  (Kays)
BRUGGER, Carrie Rae, M.S. 2001.  Experimental determination of one-atmosphere phase relations for melt compositions of Augustine Volcano  (Johnston)
BURGETTE, Reed Joel, Ph.D. 2008.  Uplift in response to tectonic convergence: The Kyrgyz Tien Shan and Cascadia Subduction Zone  (Weldon)
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BYRNES, Joseph, Ph.D. 2017.  Mantle flow and melting beneath young oceanic lithosphere: Seismic studies of the Galápagos Archipelago and the Juan de Fuca Plate (Toomey)



CAHALAN, Ryan, Ph.D. 2020.  Explosive Subaqueous Eruptions: The Influence of Volcanic Jets on Eruption Dynamics and Tephra Dispersal in Underwater Eruptions  (Dufek) 
CALABRO, Max David., M.S. 2008.  An examination of surface displacement at the Portuguese Bend Landslide, Southern California, using radar interferometry  (Roering)
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CHAMP, John G., M.S. 1969.  Geology of the northern part of the Dixonville quadrangle, Oregon  (Baldwin)
CHATTERJEE, Avigyan, M.S. 2021.  Tsunami Earthquake or Attenuating Crustal Structure: Ground Motions from the May 2nd, 2020, M6.6 Ierapetra (Crete) Earthquake  (Sahakian)
CHEESMAN, William C., M.S. 1957.  The geology and copper mineralization at Poison Mountain, British Columbia  (Staples)
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