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2013 Faculty retreat. L-R Samantha Hopkins, Alan Rempel, Edward Davis, David Sutherland, Ray Weldon, Dave Blackwell, Marli Miller, and Greg Retallack.

Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences. Our faculty and students specialize in the study of the Earth from its surface to the deep interior. Earth science at the University of Oregon includes the study of Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology, and Geophysics.  These studies are inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on the knowledge and techniques of other physical and natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Therefore, our diverse specialties are unified under a common desire to understand the underlying processes that shape the planet whether that be erosion, mantle convection, hydrothermal reactions, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. We are also intrigued with how life has evolved and adapted on our planet throughout geologic time, and how life interacts with the larger earth system. Our mission is to educate and train a future generation of earth scientists, advance our current understanding of the earth system through scholarship and research, and serve as a resource to the university and broader community on topics related to our planet.

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