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Publications for 2016

Drew, D. L., I. N. Bindeman, M. W. Loewen, and P. J. Wallace (2016), Initiation of large-volume silicic centers in the Yellowstone hotspot track: insights from H2O- and F-rich quartz-hosted rhyolitic melt inclusions in the Arbon Valley Tuff of the Snake River Plain, Contrib Mineral Petrol, 171(1), 10, doi:10.1007/s00410-015-1210-z.

Emery, M. M., E. B. Davis, and S. S. B. Hopkins (2015) Systematic reassessment of an agriochoerid oreodont from the Hancock Mammal Quarry, Clarno (Eocene, Duchesnean), Oregon. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. url:

Rempel, A.R., A.W. Rempel, K. Gates and B. Shaw (2016), Climate-responsive thermal mass design for Pacific Northwest sunspaces, Renewable Energy, 95, 981-993, url:

Skarbek, R.M. and A.W. Rempel, Dehydration-induced porosity waves and episodic tremor and slip, G-cubed, in press

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