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2019 Field Studies, Section 2

GEOL 406 – Field Studies in Classic Mapping (CRN 41172) 4 credits Instructors:  Marli Miller and Sammy Castonguay.  Graded for Majors; P/NP optional for all other students.  Additional $785 field trip fee beyond normal tuition and UO fees.

This course begins after a long drive to Dillon, in southwestern Montana. There, we will move into dormitories at the University of Montana (UMW) and complete a geologic mapping project called Block Mountain. During this project, we will first familiarize ourselves with the region’s Paleozoic and Mesozoic stratigraphy and then create a geologic map of this complexly deformed area. Block Mountain is a fabulous place to develop a strong foundation of fundamental field skills that will be utilized in the subsequent sections of this course.


Faulted Oligocene paleosols and tuffs in the Painted Hills of central Oregon

Glaciated Proterozoic strata of the Belt Supergroup surround Hidden Lake at Glacier National Park

After Dillon, we will take a four day field trip to northern Montana to visit several classic sites of the Cordilleran Fold-Thrust Belt including Sun River Canyon and places within Glacier National Park. Besides the incredible display of structures, we will also see spectacular glacial features and sedimentary rocks of the Proterozoic Belt Supergroup. The field trip includes a day off for hiking in the national park. We’ll spend our last night at the KOA in Missoula, Montana before heading back to Oregon for Part III of the course.

Students consult their notes on an outcrop of the Kootenai Fm at Frying Pan Gulch

Vertical limestone beds indicate significant deformation in the Sevier foreland

Pairs of students determining their location, measuring bedding attitude, and transferring it to their geologic maps.

Deformed Mesozoic strata at Block Mountain

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