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Spring 2016 Weekly Seminar Schedule

Talks on Wednesdays are from 4:00 to 5:20 pm in
110 Willamette Hall.
Tea and cookies are served in Cascade 200 beginning at 3:30 p.m.

March 30 – Paul Richardson (UO)
Title: Chasing the sun: exploring the role of aspect in landscape evolution

April 6 – David Furbish, (Vanderbilt – UO Meierjurgen Fellow)
Title: When Worldviews of Sediment Transport Collide: Navigating the Continuum and Deterministic versus the Rarefied and Probabilistic

April 13 – Rick Carlson (Carnegie, DTM)
Cenozoic magmatism in the Cordilleran: Driving geologic activity far removed from a plate boundary

April 19 (Tuesday seminar) – Stefano Lugli (Modena)
Title: Salts of the Earth: The challenge of understanding the Messinian evaporite deposits in the Mediterranean

April 20 – Heather Wright (USGS, CVO)
Title: Volcanic unrest at Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador

April 27 – Mike Lamb (Caltech)
Title: Wildfires, debris flows and the mechanics of steep bedrock landscapes

May 4 – Becky Bendick (Montana)
Title: Postseismic deformation in Kashmir and Nepal: geodetic insights into crustal complexity

May 6 (Friday Seminar, 12:00 noon, Cas 200) – Marty Grove (Stanford)
Title: Linkage between forearc sedimentation & schist emplacement during Laramide shallow subduction

May 11 – Rob Zierenberg (UC Davis)
Title: Updated Log from the Sea of Cortez: Discovery of new hydrothermal vent fields by Doc Ricketts

May 18 – Rina Schumer  (Nevada-Reno)
Title: Real and Apparent Changes in Erosion and Deposition Rates Through Time

May 25 – Gwenn Flowers (Simon Fraser Univ.)
Title: Environmental and geologic controls on glacier dynamics in the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon, Canada

May 26 (Thursday Seminar) – Jean Braun (GTZ Potsdam)
Title: Density, topography and erosion: linking mantle flow, surface processes, climate and density variations in the Earth’s crust

June 1 – Leigh Stearns (Kansas U)
Title: Greenland glacier behavior: from chaos to classification

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