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Publications for 2015

Beeler, N. M., G. Hirth, A. Thomas, and R. Bürgmann (2015), Effective stress, friction and deep crustal faulting, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, URL:

Befus, K.S., Watkins, J., Gardner, J., Richard, D., Befus, K.M., Miller, N., and Dingwell, D., 2015, Spherulites as in-situ recorders of thermal history in lava flows, Geology, v. 42, no. 7, p. 647-650, url:

Bemis, S.P., Weldon, R.J., and Carver, G.A., 2015, Slip partitioning along a continuously curved fault: Quaternary geologic controls on Denali fault system slip partitioning, growth of the Alaska Range, and the tectonics of south-central Alaska: Lithosphere, p. L352.1, URL:

Bennett, S.E.K., Oskin, M.E., Dorsey, R.J., Iriondo, A., and Kunk, M.J., 2015, Stratigraphy and structural development of the southwest Isla Tiburón marine basin: Implications for latest Mio­cene tectonic opening and flooding of the northern Gulf of California: Geosphere, v. 11, no. 4, url:

Bodmer, M., D. R. Toomey, E. E. Hooft, J. Nábĕlek, and J. Braunmiller (2015), Seismic anisotropy beneath the Juan de Fuca plate system: Evidence for heterogeneous mantle flow, Geol, G37181.1, URL:

Bostock, M. G., A. M. Thomas, G. Savard, L. Chuang, A. M. Rubin (2015) Magnitudes and moment‐duration scaling of low‐frequency earthquakes beneath southern Vancouver Island, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120.9, 6329-6350, url:

Brandsdóttir, B., Hooft, E.E.E., Mjelde, R., and Murai, Y., 2015, Origin and evolution of the Kolbeinsey Ridge and Iceland Plateau, N-Atlantic: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 16, no. 3, p. 612–634, URL:

Byrnes, J.S., Hooft, E.E.E., Toomey, D.R., Villagómez, D.R., Geist, D.J., and Solomon, S.C., 2015, An upper mantle seismic discontinuity beneath the Galápagos Archipelago and its implications for studies of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 16, no. 4, p. 1070–1088, URL:

Carroll, D., Sutherland, D. A., Shroyer, E. L., Nash, J. D., Catania, G. A., and Stearns, L. A. (2015). Modeling turbulent subglacial meltwater plumes: Implications for fjord-scale buoyancy-driven circulation. Journal of Physical Oceanography45(8), 2169-2185.URL:

Chen, J., and A. W. Rempel (2015), Shear zone broadening controlled by thermal pressurization and poroelastic effects during model earthquakes, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120(7), 5215–5237, URL:

Colón, D.P., Bindeman, I.N., Ellis, B.S., Schmitt, A.K., and Fisher, C.M., 2015, Hydrothermal alteration and melting of the crust during the Columbia River Basalt–Snake River Plain transition and the origin of low-δ18O rhyolites of the central Snake River Plain: Lithos, v. 224–225, p. 310–323, URL:

Colón, D.P., Bindeman, I.N., Stern, R.A., and Fisher, C.M., 2015, Isotopically diverse rhyolites coeval with the Columbia River Flood Basalts: evidence for mantle plume interaction with the continental crust: Terra Nova, p. n/a–n/a, URL:

Crossey, L.C., Karlstrom, K.E., Dorsey, R., Pearce, J., Wan, E., Beard, L.S., Asmerom, Y., Polyak, V., Crow, R.S., Cohen, A., Bright, J., and Pecha, M.E., 2015, Importance of groundwater in propagating downward integration of the 6-5 Ma Colorado River system: Geochemistry of springs, travertines, and lacustrine carbonates of the Grand Canyon region over the past 12 Ma: Geosphere, p. GES01073.1, URL:

Dorsey, R.J., and Langenheim, V.E., 2015, Crustal-scale tilting of the central Salton block, southern California. Geosphere, v. 11, no. 5, 19 pages, url:

Famoso, N.A., Davis, E.B., Feranec, R.S., Hopkins, S.S.B., and Price, S.A., 2015, Are Hypsodonty and Occlusal Enamel Complexity Evolutionarily Correlated in Ungulates? Journal of Mammalian Evolution, p. 1–5, URL:

Field, E.H., Biasi, G.P., Bird, P., Dawson, T.E., Felzer, K.R., Jackson, D.D., Johnson, K.M., Jordan, T.H., Madden, C., Michael, A.J., Milner, K.R., Page, M.T., Parsons, T., Powers, P.M., Shaw, B. E., Thatcher, W. R., Weldon, R. J, 2015, Long‐Term Time‐Dependent Probabilities for the Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast (UCERF3): Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, URL:

Fusillo, R., F. Di Traglia, A. Gioncada, M. Pistolesi, P. J. Wallace, and M. Rosi (2015), Deciphering post-caldera volcanism: insight into the Vulcanello (Island of Vulcano, Southern Italy) eruptive activity based on geological and petrological constraints, Bull Volcanol, 77(9), 76–23, URL:

Gérault, M., L. Husson, M. S. Miller, and E. D. Humphreys (2015), Flat‐slab subduction, topography, and mantle dynamics in southwestern Mexico, Tectonics,1892–1909, URL:

Gurenko, A.A., Bindeman, I.N., and Sigurdsson, I.A., 2015, To the origin of Icelandic rhyolites: insights from partially melted leucocratic xenoliths: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v. 169, no. 5, p. 1–21, URL:

Gilmour, D.M., Butler, V.L., O’Connor, J.E., Davis, E.B., Culleton, B.J., Kennett, D.J., and Hodgins, G., 2015, Chronology and ecology of late Pleistocene megafauna in the northern Willamette Valley, Oregon: Quaternary Research, v. 83, no. 1, p. 127–136, URL:

Handwerger, A. L., J. J. Roering, D. A. Schmidt, and A. W. Rempel (2015), Kinematics of earthflows in the Northern California Coast Ranges using satellite interferometry, Geomorphology, URL:

Heath, B. A., E. E. E. Hooft, D. R. Toomey, and M. J. Bezada, 2015, Imaging the magmatic system of Newberry Volcano using joint active source and teleseismic tomography, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 16, URL:

Howard, K.A., House, P.K., Dorsey, R.J., and Pearthree, P.A., 2015, River-evolution and tectonic implications of a major Pliocene aggradation on the lower Colorado River: The Bullhead Alluvium: Geosphere, p. GES01059.1, URL:

Humphreys, E. D., B. Schmandt, M. J. Bezada, and J. Perry-Houts (2015), Recent craton growth by slab stacking beneath Wyoming, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 429, 170–180, url:

Kimbrough, D. L., M. Grove, G. E. Gehrels, R. J. Dorsey, K. A. Howard, O. Lovera, A. Aslan, P. K. House, and P. A. Pearthree (2015), Detrital zircon U-Pb provenance of the Colorado River: A 5 m.y. record of incision into cover strata overlying the Colorado Plateau and adjacent regions, Geosphere, GES00982.1, URL:

Knipping, J.L., Bilenker, L.D., Simon, A.C., Reich, M., Barra, F., Deditius, A.P., Lundstrom, C., Bindeman, I., and Munizaga, R., 2015, Giant Kiruna-type deposits form by efficient flotation of magmatic magnetite suspensions: Geology, p. G36650.1, URL:

Kuehl, S.A., C.R. Alexander, N.E. Blair, C.K. Harris, K.M. Marsaglia, A.S. Ogston, A.R. Orpin, J.J. Roering, A. Bever, E. L. Bilderback, L. Carter, C. Cerovski-Darriau, L.B. Childress, D.R. Corbett, R. Hale, E.L. Leithold, N. Litchfield, J. Moriarty, M.J. Page, L. E.R. Pierce, P. Upton, and J.P. Walsh, 2015, A Source to Sink Perspective of the Waipaoa River Margin, Earth Science Reviews, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2015. 10.001.

Kyriakopoulos, C., A. V. Newman, A. M. Thomas, M. Moore Driskell, and G. T. Farmer (2015), A new seismically constrained subduction interface model for Central America, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120(8), 5535–5548, URL:

LaMaskin, T.A., Dorsey, R.J., Vervoort, J.D., Schmitz, M.D., Tumpane, K.P., Moore, N.O., 2015, Westward growth of Laurentia by pre-Late Jurassic terrane accretion, eastern Oregon and western Idaho, United States: Journal of Geology, vol. 123, p. 233-267. url:

Loewen, M. W., and I. N. Bindeman, 2015, Oxygen isotope and trace element evidence for three-stage petrogenesis of the youngest episode (260–79 ka) of Yellowstone rhyolitic volcanism, Contrib Mineral Petrol, 170(4), 39–25, URL:

Maguffin, S.C., Kirk, M.F., Daigle, A.R., Hinkle, S.R., and Jin, Q., 2015, Substantial contribution of biomethylation to aquifer arsenic cycling: Nature Geoscience, v. advance online publication, URL:

Marshall, J. A., J. J. Roering, P. J. Bartlein, D. G. Gavin, D. E. Granger, A. W. Rempel, S. J. Praskievicz, and T. C. Hales (2015), Frost for the trees: Did climate increase erosion in unglaciated landscapes during the late Pleistocene? Science Advances, 1(10), e1500715–e1500715, URL:

Moore, L.R., Gazel, E., Tuohy, R., Lloyd, A.S., Esposito, R., Steele-MacInnis, M., Hauri, E.H., Wallace, P.J., Plank, T., and Bodnar, R.J., 2015, Bubbles matter: An assessment of the contribution of vapor bubbles to melt inclusion volatile budgets: American Mineralogist, v. 100, no. 4, p. 806–823, URL:

Narkiewicz, M., Grabowski, J., Narkiewicz, K., Niedźwiedzki, G., Retallack, G.J., Szrek, P., and De Vleeschouwer, D., 2015, Palaeoenvironments of the Eifelian dolomites with earliest tetrapod trackways (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland): Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 420, p. 173–192, URL:

Pelletier, J.D., Sweeney, K.E., Roering, J.J., and Finnegan, N.J., 2015, Controls on the geometry of potholes in bedrock channels: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 42, no. 3, p. 2014GL062900, URL:

Plourde, A. P., M. G. Bostock, P. Audet, and A. M. Thomas (2015), Low‐frequency earthquakes at the southern Cascadia margin, Geophys. Res. Lett., 42(12), 4849–4855, URL:

Portnyagin, M., S. Duggen, F. Hauff, N. Mironov, I. Bindeman, M. Thirlwall, and K. Hoernle (2015), Geochemistry of the late Holocene rocks from the Tolbachik volcanic field, Kamchatka: Quantitative modelling of subduction-related open magmatic systems, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 307, 133–155, url:

Price, S.A., and Hopkins, S.S.B., 2015, The macroevolutionary relationship between diet and body mass across mammals: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, v. 115, no. 1, p. 173–184, URL:

Retallack, G.J., Gose, B.N., and Osterhout, J.T., 2015, Periglacial paleosols and Cryogenian paleoclimate near Adelaide, South Australia: Precambrian Research, v. 263, p. 1–18, URL:

Roering, J.J., Mackey, B.H., Handwerger, A.L., Booth, A.M., Schmidt, D.A., Bennett, G.L., and Cerovski-Darriau, C., 2015, Beyond the angle of repose: A review and synthesis of landslide processes in response to rapid uplift, Eel River, Northern California: Geomorphology, v. 236, p. 109–131, URL:

Royer, A.A., Thomas, A.M., and Bostock, M.G., 2015, Tidal modulation and triggering of low-frequency earthquakes in northern Cascadia: Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, v. 120, no. 1, p. 2014JB011430, URL:

Schachtman, N. S., MacGregor, K. R., Myrbo, A., Hencir, N. R., Riihimaki, C. a., Thole, J. T., & Bradtmiller, L. I. (2015). Lake core record of Grinnell Glacier dynamics during the latest Pleistocene deglaciation and the Younger Dryas, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. Quaternary Research, 84(1), 1–11.

Shulaker, D.Z., Schmitt, A.K., Zack, T., and Bindeman, I., 2015, In-situ oxygen isotope and trace element geothermometry of rutilated quartz from Alpine fissures: American Mineralogist, v. 100, no. 4, p. 915–925, URL:

Sizemore, H.G., A.P. Zent and A.W. Rempel (2015), Initiation and growth of Martian ice lenses,  Icarus doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2014.04.013, 251, 191-210, url:

Sweeney, K.E., Roering, J.J., and Ellis, C., 2015, Experimental evidence for hillslope control of landscape scale: Science, v. 349, no. 6243, p. 51–53, URL:

Thomas, A. M., and M. G. Bostock (2015), Identifying low-frequency earthquakes in central Cascadia using cross-station correlation, Tectonophysics, 658, 111–116, URL:

Wallace, P.J., Kamenetsky, V.S., and Cervantes, P., 2015, Melt inclusion CO2 contents, pressures of olivine crystallization, and the problem of shrinkage bubbles: American Mineralogist, v. 100, no. 4, p. 787–794, URL:

Walowski, K.J., Wallace, P.J., Hauri, E.H., Wada, I., and Clynne, M.A., 2015, Slab melting beneath the Cascade Arc driven by dehydration of altered oceanic peridotite: Nature Geoscience, v. 8, p. 404–408, URL:

Watkins, J. M., and J. D. Hunt (2015), A process-based model for non-equilibrium clumped isotrop effects in carbonates, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 432, 152–165, URL:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.09.042.

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