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Geosphere paper on Pliocene rapid sediment aggradation in the Colorado River

Becky Dorsey is third author on a paper in the February 2015 issue of Geosphere. Howard et al. investigate the early Pliocene river-laid Bullhead Alluvium, exposed along the lower Colorado River downstream of Grand Canyon. They find that it records a massive pulse of sediment aggradation shortly after integration of the Colorado River system. This rapid aggradation likely was caused by: (1) release of sediment stored along upper parts of the lower river corridor; (2) a wave of incision up western Grand Canyon; and (3) accelerated erosion of regolith, surface deposits, and nonresistant Tertiary bedrock on a relict Miocene landscape of the Colorado Plateau.

Howard, K.A., House, P.K., Dorsey, R.J., and Pearthree, P.A., 2015, River-evolution and tectonic implications of a major Pliocene aggradation on the lower Colorado River: The Bullhead Alluvium: Geosphere, p. GES01059.1, URL:

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