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Nature paper on subduction-driven removal of continental lithosphere

Our own Gene Humphreys just published a paper in today’s issue of Nature (11/13/2014). The study is about how subduction can remove the mantle lithosphere along a continental margin, leaving it vulnerable to later tectonics and volcanism. The authors describe a type of interaction where subduction propagates along a continental margin that has a subduction zone perpendicular to the margin. Two cases are explored in this paper: the Caribbean-South America margin and the Mediterranean-Moroccan margin.

Levander, A., Bezada, M.J., Niu, F., Humphreys, E.D., Palomeras, I., Thurner, S.M., Masy, J., Schmitz, M., Gallart, J., Carbonell, R., and Miller, M.S., 2014, Subduction-driven recycling of continental margin lithosphere: Nature, v. 515, no. 7526, p. 253–256, URL:

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