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Spring 2014 Weekly Seminar Series

Talks on Wednesdays are from 4:00 to 5:20 pm in
110 Willamette Hall.
Tea and cookies are served in Cascade 200 beginning at 3:30 p.m.

April 2 – Mark Schmitz (Boise State University)
Title: Bringing Deep Time into Focus: New developments in high-precision geochronology and their impact across Earth Science

April 9 – Terry Plank (Columbia University)
Title: Extending a Continent: Magmatism and Lithosphere Dynamics across the Basin and Range

April 16 – Taras Gerya (ETH-Zurich, Switzerland)
Title: Plume-induced tectono-magmatic crustal convection produced nova and corona structures on Venus

April 23 – Brad Hacker (UC Santa Barbara)
Title: Differentiation of Continental Crust by Relamination

April 30 – George Bergantz (University of Washington)
Title: Petrogenetic Processes in a Deep Arc Section: A MASH Zone Revealed

May 7 – Allen Glazner (University of North Carolina)
Title: A Twenty-First Century View of Plutons

May 14 – Mark Richards (UC Berkeley)
Title: Hotspot plumbing, intrusive LIPs, the Deccan/Chicxulub concidence, and the joys of thinking the unthinkable.

May 21 – Jung-Eun Lee (Brown University)
Title: Plans and rainfall

May 28 – Joshua West (USC)
Title: What do we know after 25+ years of disparate ideas on Cenozoic weathering, erosion, and the carbon cycle?

June 4 – Matt Loewen (UO)
Title: Evaluating Trace Metal Mobility in Volcanic Systems

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