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Imaging a magma chamber beneath Newberry Volcano

Prof. Emilie Hooft and M. Sc. Matthew Beachly investigated the magma chamber beneath Newberry volcano in central Oregon.

A 10-minute documentary for the general public explains their research

Newberry Magma Chamber: The Movie

In 2008, a team of community members, undergraduate and graduate students, technicians, and scientists installed seismometers at short intervals (300 m) along a 30-km line across the volcano to record an explosion. The experiment recorded seismic waves passing around a magma chamber and later waves from energy that passed through the magma body. They combined seismic first-arrival travel-time tomography with waveform modeling of the secondary arrival to constrain the size and melt volume of the magma chamber beneath Newberry. Emilie and Garron Hale (CASIT) worked with two Digital Arts seniors, Adam Paikowsky and Hayden Steinbock, to generate the documentary.

Seismic wave propagation through a magma chamber - Newberry Volcano, OR

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