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Dana Johnston

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B.S., 1976, Bates College;

M.S., 1978, Ph.D., 1983, University of Minnesota;

post-doc, 1983-5, University of Bergen, Norway;

post-doc 1985-6, California Instutute of Technology


Geological Sciences faculty member since 1986.

After 28 years on the University of Oregon faculty, 12 as Head of the Department of Geological Sciences and 4 as Associate Dean of Natural Sciences, Dana entered the UO's phased retirement program beginning fall, 2014. He anticipates being on campus full time for fall quarters, focused primarily on lower-division undergraduate teaching, and hopes to also serve as a resource for graduate students whose research touches on his field of specialization.



Experimental studies of crustal anatexis; subduction-related magmatism; the melting systematics of Earth's upper mantle; and mineral/melt trace element partitioning

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